Inspiration, networking, empowerment in Macedonian female entrepreneurship world

The Macedonian partner of the project, Volunteers Centre Skopje, held webinars on the topic of Entrepreneurial Finance between 9.01.2023 and 18.01.2023 and implemented mentoring sessions between 6.02.2023 and 24.02.2023. The webinars were led by 5 trainers, women experienced in the field of entrepreneurship, who have their own business. The mentoring sessions were organized both in individual and group format, and were led by 7 experienced women from whom 4 of them were also webinar trainers previously.

During the webinars, participants heard inspiring stories of our trainers, which encouraged them to share their own stories and ask many questions that could help them understand how to get on the right track with their businesses. The webinars were a great space to exchange experiences between the entrepreneurs in the area and to build a network that we believe will last outside of the virtual platform we created.

In the mentoring sessions took part the variety of the mentees, some of them previously joined the webinars, and some of them just have heard about the possibility of having a session with experienced in entrepreneurship mentor; some of the mentees had already shaped business ideas and their questions were more precisely about finances or later stages of entrepreneurship, and some of them were looking for an inspiration and motivation to start their own business.

When we asked our webinar participants and mentees, what were their motivations to join the project activities, they were mentioning that they just started or intend to start their own business and they were looking for options to gain more knowledge in this field.

“I wanted to educate myself on additional practices that would advance my business” – said Danche A.

The participants also mentioned the power of networking and having possibility to access the circle of women who search for empowerment on their entrepreneurial journey.

“I already have my own business, but I want to focus on other activities and meet other women entrepreneurs who are improving and advancing in the new digital society every day.” – shared Ivana M.

“Networking online is a bit more difficult, but I’m still grateful for everything I heard and learned through this project.” – added Sanja S.

Inspiration and networking as well as the answers on specific questions were the thing that drove the women in Macedonia to apply and to be part of the project. When we asked what did they gained through the webinars and mentoring sessions, they mentioned not only knowledge but also empowerment of a kind.

“I liked the presentations the most, and of course the more experiences we hear, the more we get to know the obstacles that lie ahead” – mentioned Ivana M., while Sanja S. spoke of some other perspective of what one can gain through such an experience: “Greater confidence and direction that everything I do is okay”, she said.

We are living in a modern world, where more and more women want to take first step into entrepreneurial journey. They are eager to learn, and depending on the specifics of the country, they are confronted with different challenges and obstacles. Creating such platform for female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be was crucial and showed that many women in Macedonia have their ideas and seek for more information, guidance and support.

“It is always welcomed to hear multiple perspectives on a number of topics of interest to women entrepreneurs. This webinar series has been quite educational and has opened up some new vistas for me on how to perceive and approach the entrepreneurial challenges in front of me” – added Danche A.

“The changes are happening all the time in the long run and it is important to know where to start” – said Marina V. S.

Opening such possibilities like this project gave was welcomed by female part of Macedonian entrepreneurship with a great enthusiasm. We noticed that there is a need for more of such initiatives and the hunger for knowledge is big.

“Learning is an integral part of anyone who wants to grow” – concluded Sanja S.

Do you believe that in the still developing countries this kind of projects can bring new opportunities and a significant change?

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