Future of female entrepreneurship in Italy lies in educating the youth

Italy is known for having a strong economy that supports small businesses and entrepreneurships on the rise. But how it is in terms of supporting female entrepreneurs specifically? According to the statistics, only 28% of business sector is represented or led by women. It leaves a space for development in the country considered to be of those more developed.

Italian partner of the project, EProjectConsult, held their webinars from 21.11 to 7.12.2022 with guest speakers Emanuele De Pasquale and Roberto Foti. All of the 5 webinars covered the topic of the first e-course of the project – Business Technology. Around 124 participants in total took part in the webinars and most of the participants attended all the five webinars. It showed clearly that there is a big interest and need among women of Italy to reach for knowledge and advice in the topic of entrepreneurship.

Mentoring sessions were organized in the format of aperi-business events with a support of local entrepreneurs from different sectors: tourism, fashion, renewable energy, and association and a group of students who study marketing and business.

All the young people interested in starting their own business received a huge dose of practical knowledge and tips on how to be a good entrepreneur.

The participants of the project highlighted the educational part of the project and the role it plays tackling the subject of gender equality including youth organizations, women’s empowerment, and sustainable practices in business.

“The topic of entrepreneurship interests me as it is relevant to the teaching field. The webinars on the startup were very interesting for the topics covered and for the in-depth aspects. Furthermore, the path allowed us to get to know some very interesting entrepreneurial realities in our area from the point of view of the sustainable ethical activity carried out. I recommend the project above all to colleagues to transfer and share new knowledge and skills with students” – said Gisella S.

“I find the project interesting because entrepreneurship could be a good way forward. I learned many new things and I would recommend it, because it could be of interest to young people to open a new business” – concluded Francesca P.

EProjectConsult also organized a promotional event in Parco Museo Jalari and the director, Nino Pietrini, presented the web platform to students and teachers coming from all around Europe.

“As many young people were part of the audience, we found it interesting to mention how this online platform offers a large range of e-courses for them to start their own businesses and helps them to be aware of the entrepreneurship world.

As well, the whole networking space community inside the platform is a useful tool for sharing opinions and thoughts about different topics such as women’s leadership, financial growth, and environmental responsibility” – reported EProjectConsult.

Do the future of female entrepreneurship in Italy lies in the education of young generations, putting an accent on gender equality? In what sectors women would succeed the most in a country with as vivid culture as Italy is and with a reputation of being “tasty” both in food and fashion industry?

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