Trainers and Mentors​

Where Experience Meets Enthusiasm

Trainers and Mentors​

Trainers and Mentors​

Meet the trainers and mentors who will be presenting the webinars.

Business Technology

Business Technology​

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Roberto Foti

Sales Manager

Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship

Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship​


Suzi Escobar

Successful digital business owner

Aleksandra Lalova

Director of operations and executive member of Bulgarian Helsinki Committee


Elena Davidovska

Sales Manager

Astrid Muller

Director Climate Solutions

Monika Kostovska

Executive Recruiter, co-Owner of KMT Solutions, co-Founder of Youthpreneur Stichting

Jovana Jovanova

University Professor

Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurial Finance​

Anita Janchevska

Manager for Organizational Consulting and Development and Human Resources Consultant in Management Solutions

Tiana Ivanovska

Licensed psychologist and Gestalt Psychotherapist

AnaMarija Pavlova

Psychologist and Youth Worker

Marija Burgieva

CEO of O-Krug

Viktorija Mitrikeska

MA for Human resources management

Kamelija Kostovska

Founder and CEO of SWAP

Kristina Mitrovska

LLM in Corporate Law and certified trainer for the State Election Commission

Vafire Muharemi

International Recruiter on NATO projects