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Promoting Women Environment Entrepreneurship



The PWoEE project aims at providing digital means to support young female entrepreneurship in Europe by providing tailored made training curricula and a digital mentorship community for real life situation and support through their entrepreneurial pathway focused on preserving our environment.

It was developed as collaboration between three organizations from three different countries: Youthpreneur Stichting from the Netherlands, Eprojectconsult – Istituto Europeo di Formazione e Ricerca from Italy and Volonterski Centar Skopje from Macedonia. The combination of experience in the youthwork, career development coaching and innovation in the sustainable methods of learning, were brought together to make this project happen, following the main objectives:

  • Development of strong partnership in the field of young women empowerment – The partnership is established between different types of organizations, experienced and new from different European regions that will help the differentiation of opinions and objectives during the implementation;
  • Promotion of gender equity in cooperation with civil-society organizations, business organizations and public authorities in form of associated partners – It is one of the basic measures of actions that are developing the EU the last years. These objectives will be reached through the participation in the project of association together with public institutions and the guest participation on the meetings of public authorities. We believe that the cooperation between these two sectors will benefit the economic and social empowerment of women;
  • Transfer of knowledge and learning about the basic women problems and the ways of their solving and connected them with the three main topics developed, powerful toll for women’s empowerment – This objective will be reach through the training activities that are planned;
  • Making business socially and environmentally oriented trough small scale business endeavours piloted by young people;
  • Advocating social innovation in management/ production and best practices towards introducing new business models using mentorship as a tool.




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Meet Our Team

Our team is young but experienced, ambitious, goal driven and very much fun.
You will meet Monika, Andrej, Serena and Jovica very soon, but here are the main drivers of the project. Please meet: Kristian, Federica and Nikola.


Kristian Tomashevski

Project Manager

federica sottile

Federica Sottile

Program Manager


Nikola Stankovski

Dissemination Manager

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