Promoting Women Environment Entrepreneurship

Supporting young female entrepreneurship in Europe

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“Expect the unexpected, and whenever possible, be the unexpected.”


Promoting Women Environment Entrepreneurship

The PWoEE project aims at providing digital means to support young female entrepreneurship in Europe by providing tailored made training curricula and a digital mentorship community for real life situation and support through their entrepreneurial pathway focused on preserving our environment.

Focus Group

Every Woman Counts
Every WOMAN Counts

Our Focus

Strong Partnership

Development of strong partnership in the field of young women empowerment

Business socially and environmentally oriented

Making business socially and environmentally oriented trough small scale business endeavours piloted by young people

Gender Equity

Promotion of gender equity in cooperation with civil-society organizations, business organizations and public authorities in form of associated partners

Knowledge and Learning

Transfer of knowledge and learning about the basic women problems and the ways of their solving and connected them with the three main topics developed, powerful toll for women’s empowerment

Social Innovation

Advocating social innovation in management/ production and best practices towards introducing new business models using mentorship as a tool


What Our Participants Say

I really liked the webinars. I found them very informative, and as I don’t have much experience with Social Entrepreneurship, I learned a lot!
Ilinka S.
Very insightful webinars, not only because of the eye-opening information about the Social Entrepreneurship in general, but also because of all the detailed guidelines and personal experiences these awesome people shared with us.
Irina S.
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