Case study of the research on the current needs for gender equality on the labor market

In the duration of the tenure of the PwoEE project, we have created research that was spread to the participants on our activities. The aim of the research was to inspect the actual situation on the market on the topic of gender equality on the workplace, and the intentions of promoting or demoting women entrepreneurship, thus, to see if there are gaps in certain locations, professions or age.

We have also asked the participants to give their own view on the obstacles and some ideas on where women entrepreneurship would be most renowned.

The research was done in two languages: English, conducted by the Dutch and the Macedonian project partner (Youthpreneur Stichting and Volunteering Center Skopje) and Italian, conducted by the Italian partner (EProjectconsult). This, through this report two parallel charts would be shown, but the results will be integrated.

The aim of this research is to raise the awareness of the current situation in women entrepreneurship, and to inspire future projects and initiatives.

Check the full report here.

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Women’s entrepreneurial potential is an underexploited source of economic growth, and women are underrepresented in economic and political decision-making.

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