A Systemic approach in the support and development of women’s entrepreneurship in Macedonia

One of the most important factors for economic growth and development is entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is a process of identifying opportunities on the market and channeling them into business ideas, which will ultimately be effective on the market through a suitable product or service. Basically, the analysis of entrepreneurship can be done in several segments: youth entrepreneurship, female entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship or aggregated across all dimensions.

When it comes to the entrepreneurial environment in our economy, the situation in the area of female entrepreneurship is a little more specific.

Namely, a systemic and integrated approach is necessary for the development of female entrepreneurship. It is necessary to work on strengthening the capacities for implementing the prepared strategy, because any discontinuity negatively affects the development processes in the field of female entrepreneurship. Furthermore, it is necessary to strengthen the capacities for mentoring support of this type of business, as well as to create potential in them for the absorption of knowledge.

The pandemic has shown that an important factor for the survival and growth of businesses is digitization. Digitization processes are particularly significant in the area of female entrepreneurship, in addition to the area of efficiency of the operations themselves and in the area of improving the market potential and growth of sales of products and services.

Taking into account the coherence of the levels of development, an integrated approach is needed in the development of women’s entrepreneurship with rural entrepreneurship. In this segment, there is a need for greater involvement of municipalities, especially rural municipalities, both in terms of implementing projects for the development of women’s entrepreneurship in rural areas and in terms of allocating as many financial resources as possible to stimulate and develop women’s entrepreneurship in rural areas. environments.

In this way, a good foundation will be laid for the development of female entrepreneurship, the effects of which are further multiplied on the labor market, productivity growth and overall better well-being.

Riste Kostovski

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