Statistics about Women Entrepreneurship Around the World

Recent statistics show a growing trend of women entrepreneurship around the world. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2020/2021 Women’s Entrepreneurship Report, women comprise 42% of new entrepreneurs in 69 economies across the globe.

Furthermore, women-owned businesses make up an estimated 31-38% of all businesses worldwide, with an estimated 224 million women entrepreneurs operating in the formal or informal sectors. Nevertheless, we see in different regions in the world, some variation about unequal status for women entrepreneurship. In 2020, South Asia counted 18% against 50% in Latin America and the Caribbean. We can also see, there are big differences inside the same region, like in the Middle Orient, there are 7% women entrepreneurs in Yemen against 42% in Tunisia.

Despite this progress, women entrepreneurs still face challenges such as limited access to finance, resources, and support, as well as gender-based discrimination and stereotypes. For the financial aspect, we observe big disparities between men and women in the access of a bank account. In Europe and Central Asia, 4% of men have more than women a bank account, and in the Middle Orient and North Africa it’s 19%. This financial exclusion is an obstacle for developing women entrepreneurship.

Governments and organizations around the world are recognizing the importance of supporting women entrepreneurship. Many are implementing policies and programs aimed at increasing access to finance, providing training and mentorship, and promoting gender equality in the workplace.

In conclusion, the statistics show that women entrepreneurship is a growing trend around the world, but still with inequalities. By providing the resources and support women need to succeed, we can build a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

What are the statistics and facts about women entrepreneurship in your region?

Chloé Le Cair


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