Horizontal hierarchy: a new way of management implement by women

Why wouldn’t we break the rules of traditional management of bosses controlling everything and making all decisions by themselves? It’s actually possible with the horizontal hierarchy or horizontal organization.

Usually, the main way of management in a company, especially big ones, is the pyramid hierarchy. In companies which are using pyramid hierarchy, the top of the pyramid represents the highest level of authority and decision-making power, with each level of the pyramid reporting to the one above it. At the top of the pyramid are the executives or owners, who make the major strategic decisions for the organization. The next level down consists of managers who are responsible for implementing those decisions, and they oversee the work of the employees in the levels below them. The problem with this kind of organization is that it can become very uncomfortable for employees because of inflexibility and trouble making decisions due to the status of the person or organization above them.

Therefore a new way of management is gaining popularity, especially by women entrepreneurs: the horizontal hierarchy. A horizontal organizational structure is an organizational model that emphasizes collaboration, teamwork, and flexibility. In this type of structure, there are fewer levels of hierarchy and less emphasis on traditional top-down management. Instead, the focus is on creating a more egalitarian workplace where employees work together and share decision-making responsibilities. In a horizontal structure, employees are encouraged to work across departments and teams to achieve common goals. Teams are typically self-organizing and cross-functional, with individuals taking on multiple roles and responsibilities. Managers play a less directive role and act more as facilitators, providing support and resources to help employees achieve their objectives.

The horizontal hierarchy can be a good way for women entrepreneurs who want to involve “modern” management. It can help them to find their place and install a confidence relationship within their workplaces.

Have you ever heard about horizontal management in your country? Do you think it’s a good way of organization to help women entrepreneurs?

Camélia Sghayare


entreelleswebzinegrandest.fr, “Quand les entrepreneures “cassent les codes” du management”

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