Balancing Financial Growth with Social and Environmental Responsibility

Young entrepreneurs, especially female ones, face a lot of challenges. Access to different funding, mentorships, or even networking opportunities is truly impacted by the gender bias that exists in the business world. Despite these challenges, women entrepreneurs are increasingly making their mark in the business world and are playing an important role in driving economic growth and innovation. What kind of strategies can they use to create a sustainable and impactful business? 

First and foremost, in order to be sustainable, a business needs to incorporate sustainable practices into operation: implementing environmentally friendly behaviors in the production process such as renewable energy sources or switching to eco-friendly packet material will not only reduce their carbon footprint but also attract clients who are looking for businesses with more sustainable options. These concerns are exponentially growing as people are becoming more aware of the environmental challenges that humanity is facing now and are more tempted to go for an eco-friendly company rather than an industrial one. 

An impactful business doesn’t exist without an impactful network. Building partnerships with organizations that share their values is a key to success. Non-profit organizations or other socially responsible businesses can help you reach a community that shares the same values as yours and can amplify the impact of your business as well as open new opportunities for growth. 

Finally, women entrepreneurs can also access impact investing and funding opportunities that align with their mission and values. Impact investors will support the business not only financially but also provide mentorship, network, and resources that help the business to grow and create a positive impact.

What do you think, how can young entrepreneurs – especially females – help their businesses to grow while still having sustainable growth?

Angelina Berndt


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Nice article! It’s very accurate, and the aims are well described. Keep up the good work!

Great article! Nowadays, networking is very important and women’s networking groups are a great place for new ideas, support and like-minded people. 

Nice article, since the world is becoming more equal, young female entrepreneurs will be getting more popular when good examples are shown to others.

These days many consumers are more aware about environmental issues, witch in itself helps to grown business without harming nature.

I totally agree ! Environmental subjects are actual subjects and we have to keep in mind it also in entrepreneurship. I think this subject can be a real lever for women entrepreneurship.

Great article! 🙂

Implementing Eco-friendly standards nowadays is the best marketing strategy for every business. Also networking and outsourcing can provide more sustainability….

I think partnering takes a huge part of this, as it can lower costs and grow profits. And, of course, women are naturally good at that

The business sphere is open to all types of leaders who will initiate the world’s change through their perspective. So, everything is possible!

Thanks for the article!

Nice article!

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